Camel Country Pencil Tests

I know there are some people out there who are huge fans of traditional animation pencil tests, and the funny thing is, me too. They show so much more character and life than the clean up. It's like the character is actually breathing.
Here is the complete compilation of my pencil tests for my film. Hard to believe 9 months of  work can be summed up in a 15 minute reel! That was a lot of pencil milage!


600+ views

I haven't checked in on my count total for Camel Country in a while. Needless to say I have been up to other art and other activities. I was excited to see that the count has blown well past 500 and already on its way 700! Obviously, we can say that my film, finished just over a year ago has scored well over 600 views. Thank you so very much for watching.



It just keeps on growing! 400+ Youtube views!


Camel Country: The Second Screening

Well this was a pleasant surprise! Camel Country was chosen to be part of my Alma Mater's Moving Pictures show last night! Besides Camel Country, there were only 3 other animated films that were shown, and there were still a few more from my graduating class that I wished would have had another chance of being viewed in front of a brand new audience.
No one came up and talked to me about my film after the event however, but it was still a enjoyable night to be back at school and reunite with old friends and instructors.



Holy Hulk! 300+ YouTube views! Word must be spreading! Thanks for watching my little cartoon folks!



200 YouTube hits! Thats 1,400 spit takes!! Thank you all for watching!


Camel Country Easter Eggs

Here are the little nods, inside jokes, homages, and hidden gags within my film. See if you can find them when you watch it next time!
Egg #1 - The stamp is the Nightmare Mirror from Rachael Milobar's Night Strife

Egg #2 - WB 301 shipping number on the crate stands for the room number of senior studio Walter B Ford 301
Egg #3 - The totem pole features the main cast from my comic/fantasy series Snordo Dragon
#4 - The initials chipped into the bark stand for College for Creative Studies sweethearts, Matt Downs and Rachael Milobar.
#5- The star constellation shapes the letters CCS, my Alma Mater.